Garage Door Installation cost: How is it calculated?

Garage Door Installation cost: How is it calculated?

Your garage is a prominent part of your outdoorsy home. When people examine your home from far away, your garage door discloses its attractive status by being one of the most prominent features of your home’s facade. Thus, your garage door should be both appealing and user-friendly.

When you decide you want to replace your old garage door and want information regarding installation costs, then continue reading further.


To accurately calculate the average price of a new garage door in Canada, we first need access to the relevant data. The average amount Edmonton’s homeowners spend to acquire and install a new garage door is between 899 and 1500 CAD. The average double-door garage door installation is between C$1299 to C$2000. It is also important to note that the prices above include garage door, labour and any other add-on fees. Now that we know the average prices of garage doors in Edmonton, let’s see some of the factors that influence the same.

5 Factors that affect the cost of garage door

The price of installing a new garage door is determined by a variety of factors, including your location.

1. Size

The cost of the garage door directly depends on the size of the garage door. We can measure size by single-door, double-door, triple door etc. Since the size increases the material and labour require more.

2. Material

The primary factor determining the cost of your garage door is its construction material. The cost varies depending on whether you choose steel, wood, or fibreglass as the base of your garage or shed door. Wood garage doors made of specialized woods, including cedar, redwood, or mahogany, tend to cost more than those assembled from pine. Contrarily, some of the more affordable options include vinyl, faux wood, aluminum, etc.

3. Manual V/S Automatic Doors

A manual garage door is much easier to install because it does not contain any mechanical or electrical components which require specialist care. They are considerably lighter than their automatic counterparts. On the other hand, an electric garage door has many mechanical and electrical parts that need professional care. It is more expensive.

4. Labor Required

The labor rate is typically included in the overall garage installation cost. However, you should confirm this with your garage installer. Sometimes due to inclement weather, the distance to the city center, and accessibility issues, the rate charged may rise, thereby causing the overall garage installation cost to increase.

5. Removal of the Old Door

It’s normal to expect the price of garage door installation to go up if door replacement is a troublesome procedure. For instance, the lack of regular upkeep may make it tough for contractors to eliminate the door without charging you more. As a result, be sure to mention such requirements to your installer on the day of installation.

6. Customization in Garage Door

A custom garage door with additional architectural components provides homeowners with the freedom to utilize their garage in more than one way. For instance, it becomes viable to expand storage space, make more room for work or place, and ideate an excellent appearance when you opt to customize your garage doors. Unsurprisingly, custom garage doors cost more than their standardized counterparts. However, specific factors also impact the price of custom garage doors.

Garage Door Windows

A custom garage door contains opting for windows that complement not only your home’s design but also deliver some much-needed privacy. The type of garage door windows, such as insulated glass, coloured glass, noise-protective glass, etc., will determine the customization charges for your garage door.

Garage Door Panels

You can customize your garage door by picking unique and personalized panels. There are limitless options when it comes to custom garage door panels, but you should choose the one that conforms to your needs. Taking the assistance of experts who understand all things about garage door panels and have done customizations is an excellent way to start.

Garage Door Finishes

Different kinds of finishes, including stain, paint, and faux stain, all have an influence on the cost of your customization. These effects can be seen throughout the range of prices, depending on the finish that you choose, the quality of that work, and the effect it has on the look of your doors.

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